Arkiv för etikett "Skansen"

Abu in Sweden

I’ll write this one in English so that my friend can read it. So a dear friend of mine, Abu, that I met in Singapore when I was there as an exchange student came to Sweden in the end of August. During my winter break back in Singapore I visited Abu during the winter break and I stayed with him and his family in Manila at new years eve and now it was my turn to return the hospitality.

During his stay in Stockholm we got to do all sorts of fun. We went to Skansen och Gröna Lund which are ”must do’s” in Stockholm and we got to see some of the Scandinavian animals and had fun riding the attractions in the amusement park. I guess Gamla Stan (Old town) and the Ericsson Globe also were highlights for the architect he his. We also had a fun weekend out in Gnesta (on the country side) having a tradional swedish kräftskiva (cray fish party) which includes cray fish, booze, a lot of (drunk) singing and sauna.

Unfortunately my work prevented me from taking Abu to other parts of Sweden as the west (best) coast where my parent lives. But now Abu still have reasons to come back so you’re welcome back any time!